About Infranomic.

Infranomic Far Infrared Heating is based on Science not Fiction.

Since the creation of the solar system, Mother Nature has chosen far infrared as the most efficient method of supplying heat and supporting life on earth. Far Infrared light is totally different to Ultra Violet Light and is completely safe; in fact, we are so attuned to its goodness the human body is actually designed to absorb as much far infrared as possible and its Health benefits have had proven medical use for decades.

Infranomic offers you this same energy efficient and beneficial heat in stunning designs that will bathe you and your home in this most natural of heat sources.

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Incredible energy savings – Low running costs

We can’t help how much you pay for your energy – but we can certainly help with how much you use of it!

Incredible energy savings

Infrared Technology and Convectional Heating

InfraNOMIC heating systems are based on modern infrared technology, which heats all materials within the room, effectively turning the room into one large heating element. This type of heating technology does not rely on convection, alleviating cold spots and giving a constant warm environment, giving you a very efficient heating system.

Infrared convection

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Stunning designs

Coloured heating elementsColoured heating elements.
Mirrored heating elementsMirrored heating elements.

Photographic heating elementsPhotographic heating elements.

Art heating elementsArt heating elements.

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Infrared is good for you… Fact!

To lead a long healthy life, we must maintain an active metabolism. The metabolic rate of each individual is an indicator of one’s health. Far Infrared Rays help to increase the metabolism by increasing the circulation of nutrient rich, oxygenated blood. Increased circulation will also help remove the waste materials and improve your energy.

No maintenance or servicing required

Infranomic heating elements are completely maintenance free and require no annual servicing saving you even more money each year; just polish and dust with your normal household cleaning.

Heat bathrooms safely

All of our heating elements are IPX4 rated for use in the bathrooms & wet room areas. Not only do they give a warm relaxing heat, but as an added bonus when operational they never mist up with condensation allowing you to use your mirror even in the steamiest of environments.

Quality & Service Guaranteed as only a manufacturer can provide.

Infranomic are manufacturers, Hand Building our Heaters using components of the highest standard ensuring the Infranomic brand is known for Quality and Reliability. All of our heating products are constructed in our own factory in Langgöns in German comprising of locally sourced components.

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Friendly and efficient service

  • Customer service desk offering all the information you need.
  • Complete technical advice always available.
  • Fast heater planning & no obligation quotation service.
  • Door-to-door delivery within 10-12 working days.

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